Sunday, October 11, 2009

Psychic Jams European Promotional Tour 2009 Part II

Below is the second instalment of photographs from
the Psychic Jams European Promotional Tour, May-October 2009.

Ostrava, Czech Republic
Seven feet tall. Contains a prosthetic human. Advertises family camping equipment.

Holland, Amsterdam.
The world's best-selling prosthetic vagina. Also comes in mouth, anus, and some kind of alien slot variety. Can be easily disguised as a flashlight, hence clever title.

Steenwijk, the Netherlands.
A serving of chips devouring it's own brain. With only one arm.

Somewhere near Liege, Belgium

Lyon, France

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Psychic Jams featured on Czech Republic/Poland Anarchistic Internet Radio

Psychic Jams was featured as Sound of the Week on, a Czech Republic/Poland Anarchistic Internet Radio site run by Tomas Heczko (Deputy Mayor of Mutisov) and Robert Sniezek (of Polish band THCulture).

But that was two weeks ago, so you are too late to revel in our International Mass Media Success.

However, the Psychic Jams profile and some songs are still on the site. Go to, click on "Montserrat", then click on Psychic Jams in the list of hosted bands. Click on the moving mini-radio to the right of the big radio and you will see the profile. It will be in Czech initially, but you can click GB to get it in English. It will confuse the fuck out of you, but do it anyway.

Because it was translated by a robot, the Czech version actually reads:

"Jams are psychological space DIY hardcore band from New Zealand, playing a combination of stilted early 80 let punk and psychedelic spacerock ugly, mutant children uneasy union between microbes and Hawkwind. But the child is thriving. Hybrid vigor.
The six-song tape was released in June 2009, and there will be more copies available in Europe very soon. Write to us at if you want to copy! (donations accepted). Will have several editions later this year.
Mental Jams plan extensive tours of Europe in September-October 2010, after touring New Zealand extensively in December 2009 and travel in Australia early 2010.
For more information, photos, download some songs from the tape, and be impressed Psychic Jams Fan-Craft, visit
Anarchy, Equality, Telepathy"

There is also dogloads of good music and interesting shit on there, so worth checking out anyway.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

First ever PSYCHIC JAMS FAN-CRAFT produced in Vancouver, Canada.

These photos depict what are probably the first two examples in the universe of Psychic Jams Fan-Craft.
This probably delicious preserve was produced by Shamuel M. Frewd, an electrical engineer in Vancouver, Canada.
You would like to order some of these limited edition 5-inch official Psychic Jams approved fan-condiments numbered out of 20.

Secret conundrum: Is it two peoples' faces or a vase?! And if it is indeed people, then, based on their personalities, what kind of drink do you imagine they would each be if they were both drinks?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Psychic Jams European Promotional Tour '09

The following images are a selection of photographs taken during the Psychic Jams European Promotional Tour '09. This tour was one third physical, two thirds transcendental.

Ajka, Hungary
The buzziest purple crystal encrusted OutOfIt Skunknugents in the entire Austro-Hungarian

Abandoned Soviet-era 9-pin bowling alley.


Control panel.
It is obvious that the future already occurred, 50 years ago behind the Iron Curtain.

Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
A bird made from human bones. 14th century plague victims. Pecking a human skull, also made from human bones.

Prague, Czech Republic
On the outside of Milada, the now-evicted longest running squat in the country. Image depicting the consequences of contemplating whether or not the world is really just a giant bud.
Clear breach of Wrongmen copyright.

Jamsterdam, Holland
A divisive issue for the local population: Is Jamsterdam or Amsterjam the better name for the city? This extraterrestrial rastafarian does not help the situation.

Somewhere between Chemnitz and Bremen, Germany.
This martian is supposed to entertain children in a petrol station while their parents purchase gasoline, cigarettes and cocktails.

Conceptual promotional artwork for upcoming Psychic Jams Non-Transcendental European Tour '10.
by "French" Alex Simon of Ratcharge zine

This image depicts a perfect closed-loop cosmic cycle. Provided there is no sweating or spilling, this circular union could continue indefinitely into the future. It seems reasonable to suggest that Universal Consciousness will emerge once every being in the cosmos becomes linked into this cycle. People pissing in peoples mouths pissing in peoples mouths pissing in peoples mouths. 2012 4 eva.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Victory Upon Mt. Zion

(Having a Few Quiets / Smoking an Unfiltered Camel remix by Psychic Homeboy)


Saturday, June 27, 2009


Janging With Two Brians

(Having A Few Quiets Remix by
Dr. Greenthumb)


Saturday, May 30, 2009


We will be putting out some demo cassettes (with two bonus tracks not included on the free download) 20 tapes will be released, numbered. As well as 10 t-shirts.

Tie-Dyed and drawn-on AS Colour tees. S, M, L, XL available.


Demo Tape: $4
T-Shirts: (S, M, L, XL) $15

Tapes will start being sent from the 4th of June. 
T-shirts will start to be sent once there are enough orders !

Send your order to:
For T-Shirts plz include your size preference in the e-mail.