Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Psychic Jams featured on Czech Republic/Poland Anarchistic Internet Radio

Psychic Jams was featured as Sound of the Week on Radios.cz, a Czech Republic/Poland Anarchistic Internet Radio site run by Tomas Heczko (Deputy Mayor of Mutisov) and Robert Sniezek (of Polish band THCulture).

But that was two weeks ago, so you are too late to revel in our International Mass Media Success.

However, the Psychic Jams profile and some songs are still on the site. Go to http://radios.cz, click on "Montserrat", then click on Psychic Jams in the list of hosted bands. Click on the moving mini-radio to the right of the big radio and you will see the profile. It will be in Czech initially, but you can click GB to get it in English. It will confuse the fuck out of you, but do it anyway.

Because it was translated by a robot, the Czech version actually reads:

"Jams are psychological space DIY hardcore band from New Zealand, playing a combination of stilted early 80 let punk and psychedelic spacerock ugly, mutant children uneasy union between microbes and Hawkwind. But the child is thriving. Hybrid vigor.
The six-song tape was released in June 2009, and there will be more copies available in Europe very soon. Write to us at psychicjams@gmail.com if you want to copy! (donations accepted). Will have several editions later this year.
Mental Jams plan extensive tours of Europe in September-October 2010, after touring New Zealand extensively in December 2009 and travel in Australia early 2010.
For more information, photos, download some songs from the tape, and be impressed Psychic Jams Fan-Craft, visit
Anarchy, Equality, Telepathy"

There is also dogloads of good music and interesting shit on there, so worth checking out anyway.

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