Friday, August 28, 2009

Psychic Jams European Promotional Tour '09

The following images are a selection of photographs taken during the Psychic Jams European Promotional Tour '09. This tour was one third physical, two thirds transcendental.

Ajka, Hungary
The buzziest purple crystal encrusted OutOfIt Skunknugents in the entire Austro-Hungarian

Abandoned Soviet-era 9-pin bowling alley.


Control panel.
It is obvious that the future already occurred, 50 years ago behind the Iron Curtain.

Kutna Hora, Czech Republic
A bird made from human bones. 14th century plague victims. Pecking a human skull, also made from human bones.

Prague, Czech Republic
On the outside of Milada, the now-evicted longest running squat in the country. Image depicting the consequences of contemplating whether or not the world is really just a giant bud.
Clear breach of Wrongmen copyright.

Jamsterdam, Holland
A divisive issue for the local population: Is Jamsterdam or Amsterjam the better name for the city? This extraterrestrial rastafarian does not help the situation.

Somewhere between Chemnitz and Bremen, Germany.
This martian is supposed to entertain children in a petrol station while their parents purchase gasoline, cigarettes and cocktails.

Conceptual promotional artwork for upcoming Psychic Jams Non-Transcendental European Tour '10.
by "French" Alex Simon of Ratcharge zine

This image depicts a perfect closed-loop cosmic cycle. Provided there is no sweating or spilling, this circular union could continue indefinitely into the future. It seems reasonable to suggest that Universal Consciousness will emerge once every being in the cosmos becomes linked into this cycle. People pissing in peoples mouths pissing in peoples mouths pissing in peoples mouths. 2012 4 eva.

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  1. How about Jamsterjam? It's like a jam sandwich. Or is that a sand jamwich?