Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Psychic blog, EP, Live Jams

Hi, we have signed up for a blog in the hope of contributing to the advancement of a unified global consciousness. We are playing tonight in Auckland.

We will be releasing a free online EP on the 27th of May. There will be flyers with the download code at the show in Wellington.

The poster for the May 27th show (left) was drawn by Wellington artist Hannah R. Salmon. Seeking inspiration for the poster, Hannah performed an internet search for the words Psychic Jams. The search engine prompted her: "Did you mean Psychic James?". She realized that she did indeed mean Psychic James. An image search for Psychic James reveals the disturbing face of James depicted in the poster. According to James, James is "considered to be the best Stage Psychic medium and clairvoyant in the UK".

..and we will be putting the download link up here later in the week along with some Jams Day photos and video diary from May 2nd.

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