Friday, May 29, 2009

Psychic Jams play Jams Day Illegal Drug Related Festival 2009 at Mt Zion, Jamilton, New Zealand.

On May 2nd 2009, Psychic Jams played at "Jams Day", an illegal street-drugs related festival, in Mt. Zion National Park, Jamilton, New Zealand.

Below is video footage from this concert, care of none other than notable Auckland Rock Personality, THE Grant Sheridan.

Please note the lack of any visible humans watching the concert, despite the prominence of the outdoor venue and the high quality of the musical act performing. Please also note the mystical orb and accompanying space-noise appearing at twenty-four seconds through the video. Please note the hippies, who were themselves dancing with mystical orbs earlier (off camera), running in terror to get away from the vibrations of the Cosmic Hardcore Rock Music Assault.

Finally, please also note that if you search for Psychic Jams on Youtube, the top related link is a video entitled "Pedophile Beards". Another closely related video is entitled "Fat kid falls off van".

Incidentally, the Jams Day show ended up being part of an extensive 3-date NORTH ISLAND TOUR, including shows in The Auckland Megacity, Jamilton, and Mt Zion National Park.

Below is a post-hoc tour poster we made when we returned to our respective homes:

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